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The Many Headed Hydra is a shape-shifting collective interested in myths, practices and queer ecologies that emerge from bodies of water. Involving people, critters and earthly forces of different islands, continents and peninsulas. Moving through lands, cities and buildings, through intimate, forbidden and public spaces, through bodies and between lands and ever slipping from control or containment, bodies of water are linked to an imaginary of crossing, to movements of passage. Following the waters, a different cultural cartography appears – one that flows through the geography constructed by demarcations of national territories, of property and of linear histories. The Many Headed Hydra explores the waters as rhizomatic narrative space and as potential infrastructure of commons.

The Many Headed Hydra is interested in the potential of storytelling and fiction for connecting research, art making and publishing. A collaborative feminist and decolonial art project, the Hydra uses publication as a performative device and surfaces through unbounded magazines – in the form of rumors, printed matter, radio broadcasts, exhibitions, performances and evocations. The Many Headed Hydra was initiated by artist Emma Haugh and curator Suza Husse at District Berlin in 2016.

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