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Visual artist Mika Tennekoon moved back to Sri Lanka in 2016 once completing her Masters in Fine Arts in Shantiniketan, India.

She staged her first solo exhibition at The Saskia Fernando Gallery in November 2012, and since then has participated in group shows in Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Dubai and the USA.
Mika Tennekoon works with multiple mediums such as photography, digital sketches and installation. Her work explores such themes as our relationship with nature and the environment, our connection to the divine feminine, and the unseen. She’s most content wherever there’s sun, surf, nature and art to be explored.

Yanik Tissera is a professionally trained commercial photographer specialized in photojournalism and portraiture. He currently splits his time between the east coast of the island and the south coast where his seasonal businesses are based. His early areas of focus were nature and wildlife.

The past 6 years, however, have seen him turn his eye to the ocean and surf culture that exists on the island, as well as photographing for his businesses. An avid surfer himself as well as a stalwart supporter of the local surf scene, Tissera’s imagery is a vibrant expression of his love for the surfer’s way of life and most of all, the ocean.

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