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Hania Luthufi is a musician and vocalist who often works with drone music instruments. She began working with choral music and group performances and then moved on to jazz and reggae; subsequently Luthufi began studies in Indian classical music at Sangit Bhavan of Viswa Bharati, in Santiniketan. Luthufi's recent work comprises of abstract, cinematic music compositions exploring the a large breadth of drone music. Her latest album Eternal Tides invited a gathering of musicians from disparate coastal regions to come together and musically interpret various temperaments of the sea.

Luthufi's work for Colomboscope features a live recital that connects relationships to the oceanic horizon, interconnected languages, and oral traditions. Titled Samudram this work imagines the waters as a mnemonic substance which enables a common circulation of rhythmic vocabulary across national territories. It traces dynamics such as language being migratory, as it mutates and survives as a common heritage in the form of loan words.

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