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Cresside Collette was born in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) but migrated to Australia in the early 1960s. Originally trained as a Graphic Artist at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), she worked as a book illustrator and advertising artist whilst developing large embroideries and exploring the textile arts. She was employed as a foundation weaver of The Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now the Australian Tapestry Workshop) in 1976, where she worked as a production weaver for fifteen years. Collette has tutored in drawing and tapestry weaving in the Studio Textiles and Design Course at RMIT University for over a decade. As a tapestry weaver drawing is an integral part of her artistic practice and through it she charts scenes from the world around her by extending the medium while creating "en plein air" tapestries. Alongside her exhibition practice Collette has been designing and producing community tapestries for schools, city councils and universities. After recurring visits to Sri Lanka since 2009, her recent artistic works examine the dichotomy of belonging to two lands and the meeting of natural terrains, including the relationship between mountainous landscapes and the sea.

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