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Catherina Danial’s recent practice explores her personal and psychological relationship with corals and reefs in Northern Sri Lanka. For Catharina, the ocean and the beachfront over the years became spaces for quietude and healing. While spending time by the ocean she began collecting dead corals that washed up on shore. Through this practice she found that she began to relate deeply with these "rocks that have life". She recognised traits of herself within them, and began to be able to come to terms with her feelings, of alienation, and disconnection through the corporeal fragility corals bear.

Catharina’s work in Colomboscope injects bodily signifiers such as hair to accentuate the human like characteristics of these forms. Through this process of sculpture and painting Catharina enters into what she believes to be a symbiotic relationship with these coral forms. These forms afford Daniel the means through which to reflect and understand herself. In turn, Daniel gives them life via her practice. By isolating these corals in her paintings, or infusing hair into her sculptures This symbiotic interaction between artist, nature, and art object, helps raise our consciousness beyond visual observations of complex life cycles, to the unseen ecosystems that surround us. Anton's approach in its connection to marine ecology performatively challenges viewers notions of western rationality and exposes its historical disconnect from traditions of human-earth interconnectedness.

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