Cinnamon Colomboscope is a contemporary and multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Originally started in 2013, as a joint initiative between Alliance Française de Kotte, the British Council and the Goethe-Institut, the festival has continued to attract support and participation from Sri Lankan artists as well as those from Europe. Over the past two years, the festival’s reputation has spread beyond these two locales, and more artists from the South Asia region and other parts of the world have wanted to be part of the event.


As identities have become more fluid and temporal in the 21st century, what impact does this have on the feeling of belonging to a community or a nation? With more voices we can listen to, more information we can access, how can we cope with the increasing fragmentation of our worldview? If the Web and its social media platforms were the places where politics and cultures become more transparent, how do we make sure that the collective and kaleidoscopic histories we have built will persist? While the access to communication technologies and information remains unequally distributed, can technology-mediated interactions reduce the thresholds between racial, ethnic and religious groups, and the classes?

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Digital technologies have evolved to fit in the palm of our hand. We carry around our data as digits, but we also keep it in the cloud. This seemingly amorphous, placeless and airy thing is, in fact, a global network of high-fenced massive data centres. From the physical infrastructure of the data network, new geographies evolve. In the network, data flows. We leave our data traces everywhere and can only assume how our data is processed, analysed and used. Our uploads, downloads, website visits, web searches, chats, contacts and payments feed an asymmetric system of power installed by those who exploit and manipulate the flow of information. How can we keep more control over our data and reclaim power in the techno- and info-sphere?

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Our natural, social and technological environment constantly undergo changes — some dramatic, some subtler. The mutations of digital technologies produce new relationships between material, information, and our own physicality. We — as subjects living within these ecologies — are called upon to acquire ‘a sensitivity’ in the course of traversing the infosphere and real space. Can digital technologies offer new ways of sensing, feeling and perceiving the world, contributing to a more diversified, intuitive and emotional understanding of our environments?

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